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31 December
I am a PERFORMANCE JUNKIE! total thespian here! if you dare make a thespian/lesbian crack, I'll kick your ass! I'm addicted to exclaimation points, probably its because thats how I talk in real life. Big and Loud! I do lots of backstage work (building sets, running lights, sound, etc.) but I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove being on stage more than anything else in the world, And I love God more than anything else in the universe. I used to be goth/emo, but after I realized how stupid it was to be pissed off at the world/depressed all the time, I immersed myself in theatre, so, now I'm a drama kid. I'm absolutely obsessed with broadway, and consider myself to be quite knowledgable on its history, but I'm always willing to learn more, so go ahead and post if you happen to have an interesting piece of theatre trivia/history for me to squeal over, I'll love you forever if you do. I also like hot pink gel pens because they are random, and most people don't expect to get a note from me in hot pink gel...ink...whatever. I work at Dairy Queen, aka firey hell! not really, it just gets really hot there because they are cheap and don't ever turn the A/C on in the back. Yes I make little curley q's for a living, but just until I have enough money to go to Europe next summer. I think I'm done.....yep.....I'm done, the nice man with the white jacket that lets me hug myself is back...oh, by the way, my name's Sarah
Love Peace La Vie Boheme